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By a longstanding convention also seen in other cities like Guangzhou and Fuzhou , the city took on the name of the area it administered and became known as Hangzhou. Hangzhou was at the southern end of China’s Grand Canal which extends to Beijing. The canal evolved over centuries but reached its full length by He noticed that the farmland nearby depended on the water of West Lake , but due to the negligence of previous governors, the old dyke had collapsed, and the lake so dried out that the local farmers were suffering from severe drought. He ordered the construction of a stronger and taller dyke, with a dam to control the flow of water, thus providing water for irrigation and mitigating the drought problem. The livelihood of local people of Hangzhou improved over the following years. Bai Juyi used his leisure time to enjoy the West Lake, visiting it almost daily. He also ordered the construction of a causeway connecting Broken Bridge with Solitary Hill to allow walking, instead of requiring a boat. He then had willows and other trees planted along the dyke, making it a beautiful landmark.

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The City of Ceramics: In the center of Shandong province, the city of Zibo was the capital of the Qi Empire for years, during which time it became famous for its ceramics and lacquered works of art it was here that China’s famous green glass was first developed some 1, years ago, as well as the region’s distinctive black glazed porcelain.

Between and , local makers also perfected the technique of coating earthenware with a brownish layer of glaze displaying tear-shaped runs, a still popular style that has cemented Zibo’s reputation for hand-made porcelain and ensured its status as China’s major producer of ceramics. Zibo’s connection to the history of ceramics is celebrated at the Zibo Chinese Ceramics Center with its large collections of locally produced artifacts and displays showing both modern and traditional manufacturing methods.

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Old City of Acre. His middle school is located right across from the public notary’s office in Yangzhou.

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Katarina Vilioni A tombstone dating to A. This suggests a thriving Italian community in 14th century China. The below summary is autogenerated by a custom alogrithm from the source given below. Katarina Vilioni was one of the first Europeans known to have resided in China.

Yangzhou is the oldest canal in China, historical sites of the ancient city in the Tang and Song Dynasty and private gardens dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

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Kuang-Ling , the first settlement in the Yangzhou area, was founded in the Spring and Autumn period. This city in the shape of a three by three li square was named Hancheng. The purpose of Hancheng was to protect Suzhou from naval invasion from Qi.

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History Yangzhou has a history of almost 2, years, being founded in the Spring and Autumn Period when it was called Guangling. In AD, the city began to be called Yangzhou, which was the traditional name of what was then the entire southeastern part of China. Under the 2nd Emperor Yangdi of the Sui Dynasty , was the southern capital of China and called Jiangdu upon the completion of the Jinghang Grand Canal until the fall of the Dynasty.

It has been a leading economic and cultural center and major port of foreign trade and external exchange since the Tang Dynasty Marco Polo served there under the Mongol emperor Kubilai Khan in the period around to , according to Perkins. Although some versions of Polo’s memoirs imply that he was the governor of Yangzhou, it is more likely that he was an official in the salt industry.

The discovery of the tomb of Katarina Vilioni, member of an Italian trading family in Yangzhou, suggests the existence of a thriving Italian community in the city in the 14th century. Until the 19th century Yangzhou acted as a major trade exchange center for salt, a government regulated commodity , rice and silk. The Mings are largely responsible for building the city as it now stands and surrounding it with 9 km of walls.

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Yangzhou is famous for its many well preserved Suzhou style gardens. A long bank planted with weeping willows spans the lake; at its midpoint stands a square terrace with pavilions at each of the corners and one in the center. Around the lake is a park in which are found several attractions: The emperor was so gratified by his luck in fishing at this spot that he ordered additional stipends for the town. As it turns out, his success had been augmented by local swimmers who lurked in the lake busily attaching fish to his hook.

The original temple was built by jian Zhen some 1, years ago.

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Abstract Optically stimulated luminescence OSL dating has gained increased use in dating deltatic deposits, however, its application can be hindered by the problem of incomplete bleaching. To address this limitation, we test the single-grain OSL method for the first time in the Yangtze River delta. The results showed that four of five medium-grained quartz samples appeared to be well bleached.

In contrast, the coarse-grained quartz samples revealed poor bleaching, except for two samples from the delta front facies. Single-grain OSL dating is appropriate for age determination of coarse-grained sediments which have been affected by incomplete bleaching. However, it consumes a lot of instrument time. Small aliquots are recommended as effective in identifying incomplete bleaching for medium- or coarse-grained quartz.

The former is linked to rapid sea-level rise in early Holocene, while the latter is primarily due to the migration of depo-center towards the core site, rather than entirely increased sediment delivery caused by human activities. Previous article in issue.

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Kuang-Ling , the first settlement in the Yangzhou area, was founded in the Spring and Autumn period. This city in the shape of a three by three li square was named Hancheng. The purpose of Hancheng was to protect Suzhou from naval invasion from Qi. In AD, the city began to be called Yangzhou, which was the traditional name of what was the entire southeastern part of China then. Under Emperor Yang of Sui r.

The new format will be broader than just living and working in China: it will explore psychology, relationships (dating, sex, and marriage), mental health issues, and cross-cultural phenomena.

It is an industrial city with many diverse sectors such as in light industry, agriculture, textile, It is also considered a important manufacturing base and logistics hub for coastal China. It is often known as one of the most beautiful cities in China. It has been ranked as one of the ten most scenic cities in China. Today, tourism remains an important factor for Hangzhou’s economy.

The lake itself covers an area of 6 square kilometres and includes some of Hangzhou’s most famous historic and scenic places. Adjacent to the lake is a scenic area covering over 50 square kilometres. The area includes historical pagodas, cultural sites, as well as the natural beauty of the lake and hills. There are two causeways across the lake. This is believed to be the oldest Buddhist temple in the city, which has gone through numerous destruction and reconstruction cycles.

Leifeng Pagoda Other places of interest: The Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Hangzhou is one of the oldest Catholic churches in China, dating back years to the Ming dynasty. Xixi National Wetland Park established with the aim of preserving the wetland ecological system, it covers an area of about 10km2.

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RELATED: Step Inside China Airlines’ Extravagant New Airbus A The Yangzhou Zhongshuge library located in China uses unconventional elements to fill the massive 1, square metre space.

Kuang-Ling , the first settlement in the Yangzhou area, was founded in the Spring and Autumn period. This city in the shape of a three by three li square was named Hancheng. The purpose of Hancheng was to protect Suzhou from naval invasion from Qi. In , the city began to be called Yangzhou, which was the traditional name of what was the entire southeastern part of China then. Under Emperor Yang of Sui r. It was called Jiangdu upon the completion of the Grand Canal until the fall of the Sui dynasty.

By the mid s, a combination of fruitless attempts to conquer the Korean kingdom of Goguryeo, together with natural disasters and provincial unrest, ensured many people Emperor Yang had lost the legitimacy of his monarchy.

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